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If you have limited desk space a desk pad calendar is for you.
Desk pad calendars take up no space.  They can lay flat on the desk or may be hung on a wall.  You can buy a magnetic desk pad calendar to place on a refrigerator or hang on your filing cabinet.
Desk Pad Calendars are also called a blotter desk pad. Each deskpad calendar has large grid spaces which gives plenty of room to write special dates, reminders, birthdays, doctor appointments, the kids school holidays or anything you don't want to forget.
You can get monthly desk pad calendars or weekly desk pad calendars.  It is convenient to have at a glance at each month of the year that will also show you major holidays, religious holidays, moon phases and more.  The calendar pages tear off easily to reveal the next month of the year.
We have desk pads for young girls, desk pads for women, desk pads for kids, desk pads for teens, desk pads for men, desk pads for teachers, desk pads for college students or anyone who wants to become organized and have a neat and organized desk top.
Desk Pad Calendars for 2018 will have monthly pages for January-December 2018 and to get an early start on the new year you can buy a 16 month desk pad calendar which will start in September 2017 and end in December 2018.
Calendars.com has over 100 desk pad calendars for sale for the year 2018 in many different themes & many popular sport themed desk pads for college, nfl football, baseball and hockey teams.  Great gift for a sports fan's desk accessory.
The America desk pad has beautiful scenic pictures of nature and  landscapes across the country, the national parks 2018 desk pad has colorful photographs of mountains, beaches, green forests, lakes and more for the nature lover.
You can also buy desk pad calendars with pictures of horses, puppies, kittens, monet brushworks, tropical beaches and dream of paradise while you work or if you need motivation you can use the inspiration desk pad calendar.
If you need a full size desk pad the Susan Winget Heart and Home desk calendar is 22" wide with extra large grids on premium paper stock and has corner protectors so it will stay flat all your long.
Here is a list of some of the 2018 Desk Pad Calendars now on sale with free shipping if you  use the coupon code
Susan Winget Heart & Home
Lang Folk Art Desk Pad
2018 Marjolein Bastin Nature's Journal Desk Pad Calendar
Anne Geddes Desk Pad
Dan DiPaolo Coffee Desk Pad
Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light 2018 Desk Pad Calendar
Robots by Eric Joyner 2018 Pad
Mom's Magnetic Desk Pad
At-A-Glance Calendar
Secret Garden Weekly Desk Pad Calendar for 2018
Desk Top Calendars
Where Love Grows Desk Pad
Bold Blossoms Weekly Desk Pad
2018 Bold Blossoms Magnetic Calendar Pad Free Shipping
Retro Days Desk Pad Calendar
Susan Branch 2018 Desk Pad
Oregon State University Desk Pad
University of Michigan 2018 2018 Desk Pad Calendar
Michigan State University
Indiana University Desk Pad
Washington State University
University of Notre Dame Desk Pad 2018
University of Kentucky Desk Pad
Chalk It Up 2018 Desk Pad
Oklahoma Sooners Desk Pad
Desk Pad Calendar 2018
Ocean Breeze 2018 Desk Pad
Academic Desk Pad Calendar
This Month Pop Life Desk Pad
Alabama Crimson Tide Desk Pad
Washington Redskins Desk Pad
Florida Gators Desk Pad
This Month Country Flowers Magnetic 2018 Desk Pad
Desktop Calendars
This Month Floraleese Pad
Chicago Cubs 2018 Desk Pad
Pittsburgh Penguins Desk Pad
Tennessee Volunteers Desk Pad
LA Lakers Desk Pad
Miami Dolphins Desk Pad
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pad
This Month Nature's Bliss
Desk Pad Calendars 2018
University of Oregon Desk Pad
Discount Desk Pad Calendar
Philadelphia Eagles Desk Pad
Chicago Bulls Desk Pad
Desk Pad Calendars Planners
Chicago Blackhawks Desk Pad
2018 Desktop Calendar
Colorado Rockies Desk Pad
Colorful Desk Pad Calendars
Oakland Raiders Desk Pad
Carolina Panthers Desk Pad
Florida State Seminoles Desk Pad
Dallas Cowboys 2018 Desk Pad
Seattle Seahawks Desk Pad
Monthly Desk Pad Calendar
University of Texas Desk Pad
Horses 2018 Desk Pad
Large Print 2018 Desk Pad
Paradise 2018 Desk Pad
Monet Claude Desk Pad 2018
Inspiration 2018 Desk Pad
Custom Sports Desk Pad
Perfectly Pink Desk Pad
Detroit Tigers Desk Pad
Weekly Desk Pad Calendar
New Orleans Saints Desk Pad
Denver Broncos Desk Pad
Large Desk Pad Calendar
Buffalo Bills Desk Pad
St. Louis Cardinals Desk Pad
Desk Pad Calendars Custom
Pittsburgh Steelers Desk Pad
Ohio State University Desk Pad
Baltimore Ravens Desk Pad
By the Week Desk Pad
University of Louisville Pad
Large Monthly Desk Pad
Wisconsin Badgers Desk Pad
Desk Pad Calendars 2018-2019
Kentucky Wildcats Desk Pad
Purdue University Desk Pad
Desk Pad Calendars Custom
New York Giants Desk Pad
Atlanta Falcons Desk Pad
Miami Heat Desk Pad
LA Dodgers Desk Pad
Ohio State Buckeyes Desk Pad
National Parks Desk Pad
South Carolina Gamecocks
Texas Longhorns Desk Pad
Iowa Hawkeyes Desk Pad
At A Glance Calendars
Arizona Cardinals Desk Pad
Chicago White Sox Desk Pad
Inspiration Desk Pad Calendar
2018 Desk Top Calendars
Georgia Bulldogs Desk Pad
San Diego Chargers Desk Pad
Decorative 2018 Desk Pad
New England Patriots Desk Pad
Detroit Red Wings Desk Pad
San Francisco 49ers Desk Pad
Personalized with Name
Calendars with Free Shipping
New York Jets Desk Pad
Milwaukee Brewers Desk Pad
2018 Deskpad Calendar
Arkansas Razorbacks Desk Pad
Cincinnati Bengals Desk Pad
Desk Pad Calendars 2017-2018
Chicago Bears Desk Pad
LSU Tigers Desk Pad
Penn State Desk Pad Calendar
Boston Red Sox Desk Pad
San Francisco Giants Desk Pad
Indianapolis Colts Desk Pad
Houston Texans Desk Pad
Auburn Tigers Desk Pad
Flat Desk Calendars
Cleveland Browns Desk Pad
Boston Bruins Desk Pad
Green Bay Packers Desk Pad
Cheap Desk Pad Calendars
Philadelphia Phillies Desk Pad
2018 Deskpad Calendars
Kansas City Royals Desk Pad
Clemson Tigers Desk Pad
Nebraska Cornhuskers Pad
Minnesota Vikings Desk Pad
New York Yankees Desk Pad
Susn Winget Schoolhouse
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